April 1st, 2019

Why Live Response Is Determining the Top Competitors in Your Industry

Why Live Response Is Determining the Top Competitors in Your Industry

Jaqueline was shopping with her girls nearby at a boutique.

She picked out the cutest sweater and swiped her card to make a checkout. Mortified, the card declined even though she knew she was just paid Friday. What gives? She hurries to call the customer toll line on the back of the card.

Thank you for calling we are assisting a large volume of customers right now. Thank you for your patience your wait time is: 20 minutes.

Jaqueline is fuming…  And now she’s having second thoughts on having this card.

This example is repeated too often in the world of customer service. You may have even thought of a time where customer service has failed you!

Most customers look for a fast response whenever something goes wrong, and the amount of minutes that go by can now make the difference between a month long and a lifetime customer…

Let’s go through why live response is a must for any business now, and the benefits of live response on your site.


The Age of Information Attitude

Did you know that millennials are now the biggest age population in America? According to Pew Research, their population swelled to 73 million overtaking the Baby Boomers’ 72 million.

What does this mean for your business? You now have a demographic of consumers that are conditioned to an immediate, straight forward response.

And rather than moan and groan about this shifting change just roll with the punches!

Software like Xeno were designed to solve this problem at hand. No time like now to adapt and provide high customer service speed to your clients. Here are some ways to improve your live response times:


Hire a Customer Service Rep or Team

Business is all about designating roles in order to achieve growth. And while in the beginning, you may have your hands in every pot (product/service design, customer service, fulfilling orders, client acquisition, marketing, etc.) in order to truly scale, you must take this step.

Too many times, business owners work hard to acquire clients and forget about the back-end plan for keeping relationships.

By having a team in place, you’re making customers feel special, increasing their trust in you.


Creating a Bot to Handle FAQ’s

After a while, a lot of questions seem the same…

And although you have a written FAQ, sometimes your customers just want to be heard. This is where creating a bot comes in handy.

Load up all the variations of how your current FAQ’s would be asked and let the bot handle the work. If it runs into a problem, have it alert you so that you or your team can provide an accurate response.

This will have a huge impact in high customer service speed and your customers will notice.


The Benefits of Live Response Will Ignite Your Sales

Investing in live response is like any other business investment. The more you spend, the more rewards you’ll reap from it.

You keep your customers happy so that they stay with you,

they’re so happy with their service that they’ll give you valuable testimonials,

and potential clients will stop to see why everybody is so dang happy!

Everybody wins!

Think about how you’ll take action towards implementing live response with Xeno today.

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