September 29th, 2020

3 Ways to Perfect Your Product Hunt Strategy


Does your business have an impending Product Hunt launch? Or are you struggling to get the traction on the platform that you hoped for?


Product Hunt is an excellent way for companies to attract potential customers and initiate interest in your business. And it’s a fab way for consumers to stay on top of the latest tech and apps that make life easier. 


Ahead of our Product Hunt launch here at Xeno, we thought we would offer some more advice for making the most of the platform.


Here are some tips that could help to take your product from the bottom of the pile to the top: 

  1. Optimize your Profile

    • The appearance of your product is important; if it looks unprofessional and is easily overlooked then people are unlikely to even try it out, let alone recommend it to others.Product Hunt offers some tips for optimizing your profile on the platform here, such as: 
      • Thumbnail: Use an attention-grabbing logo such as a GIF as they are much more likely to get noticed than stationary images.
      • Gallery: This is the first thing visitors see on your post so make the most of it with at least two images.
      • Topics: Keep this to 3 – 4.
  2. Think Outside of the Platform

    • You may think that success on Product Hunt all depends on your profile and following on the platform. But what you do outside is all part of the puzzle:
      • This may seem obvious, but is your product living its best life? Is it the best it can be? Are you continually testing and monitoring feedback to deliver the best possible product you can? You may have a strong social media network, a kick-ass marketing strategy and be well known in the Product hunt community, but if your product doesn’t cut it then you will struggle to get the support you want.
      • Mention stresses the importance of not relying on your product but making sure that your website is on point too, how is the UX? Is your branding cohesive? Do you have live support software on hand to help with any questions? CXL recommends creating explainer videos to use on your website, social channels as well as your product hunt page.
  3. Don’t Do This

    • Finding someone to hunt your product is not as important as it used to be and you can hunt your own product now anyway.
    • Spamming your email list and social channels constantly about your product hunt entry. This can lead to unsubscribes and people just tuning out any future marketing that you put out there.


Keep Up to Date with Xeno

Hopefully, these tips will help you to iron out your Product Hunt Strategy. If you love Xeno live support software and would like to support us, sign-up for updates on our launch here.

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