January 6th, 2020

Interplanetary Support: The Future of Communication?

Interplanetary Support: The Future of Communication?

It’s the year 3000, civilization has come a long way over the past 1000 years. After inventing a chemical that makes even the most inhospitable atmosphere able to support human life, the population of earth spread itself across the Solar System. Sun worshippers heading for Mars and those that loved to ski and snowboard setting up resorts and ski lifts on Pluto.

Sounds exciting, right? But what does this mean for customer support? With the market consisting of the entire population of the Solar System­ — not just our well-known planet — businesses needed real-time customer communication that customers could access any time, any place. In addition, a large amount of customer service staff wanted to work remotely across the solar system too. Wanting to sample the delights of many different planets in one lifetime, instead of being tied to one place.

Enter: live support software. The perfect way to provide personal interplanetary support, keeping your customers and staff happy. Let’s take a closer look at why live support may thrive in 3000:


Anywhere, Anytime

A customer can be connected with an advisor from any planet that has internet access. They don’t have to get in their hover car and go to their local store, they can do it from the comfort of their own space bubble, or even on the teleport commute to work.  A customer in Pluto can be talking to an advisor in Mars in just a few clicks.


It’s Still Personal

Even though customers and advisors can be solar systems apart, with live support they still get a personal, one-to-one service. Agents can take the time to understand their needs and provide the best possible service for each individual customer. Whether the customer is sunning themselves on a beach in Mars or at the top of a mountain in Pluto they can still get a humanized customer experience.



Life in 3000 is faster paced than ever, and people’s attention spans are even shorter than today. Live support gives instant help through real time customer communication, giving them more time to sample the delights of 3000.


Satisfaction Rate High

The satisfaction rate for live support can be high, helping your business to stand out in the crowded interplanetary market.


Super, Speedy Support Across the Solar System

If you want to future proof your support strategy, it can help to use a quality live support software. Xeno consolidates all communication in one place and tracks requests so that your agents can keep up with the fast pace of modern life. And with screensharing and video calling you can offer a humanized customer experience, no matter the location. Get started with Xeno today.

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