October 21st, 2019

Simple Ways to Get Return Customers

Simple Ways to Get Return Customers

Having return customers that come back all the time is a dream for many business owners. They are a key piece in having a sustainable business. But they are also something business owners have trouble obtaining.

Getting return customers isn’t actually too difficult if you know what to do. In fact, here are a few simple ways to get return customers:


Keep in Touch

The first step in getting return customers is to keep in touch with them. Send them consistent email newsletters and update your social media regularly. You could even consider calling them from time to time!

Don’t just assume your customers will remember you. Remind them about your services or products regularly by keeping in touch. This will keep you in the forefront of their minds for whenever they have a need for your products or services again.


Get Personal

Everyone likes to feel special, especially your customers! And that’s exactly what personalizing your communication with them does. It creates a relationship between you and each and every one of your customers that makes them feel loyal to your brand.

To get personal, make sure to use their names in communication materials like newsletters and try to tailor your communication to their preferences (i.e. don’t email them about a certain product if you know they have no interest in it).

Another great way to personalize your communication is through birthday and holiday emails and/or rewards! When you show customers you care enough to reach out on these days, it goes a long way to create loyalty.


Reward Loyalty

You can also make your customers loyal to your brand by rewarding their loyalty. Loyalty programs are very successful and make for happy customers because, who doesn’t love getting rewards?

Try different kinds of loyalty rewards like “buy 9 coffees, get your 10th free” or a certain percentage off your services when they refer you to someone else. Rewards make customers’ purchases well worth it and trust us, they will want to be loyal more often!


Be Available

Customers love a good customer experience, so make sure you are available any time they have a problem with your product or service. If you are available to help them troubleshoot or solve their issues, it shows customers that you care and they will remember that!

They will be more likely to come to you for business in the future if they already know you are available in case something goes wrong, or even if something goes right. Providing a good customer service experience is extremely important to creating return customers.


Happy Customers = Return Customers

Getting return customers is actually pretty simple! Happy customers are the key to creating repeat customers. As long as you do your best to make your customers happy, you will see it pays off when the return customers start rolling in!

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