September 16th, 2019

How to Write FAQs: A Recipe

How to Write FAQs: A Recipe

Do you want to cook up a storm with your FAQ page? Strong FAQ pages may save your business time and money, help with conversion and even SEO. But you have to use the right ingredients, in the right order if you want to get the maximum benefit.

Once you’ve prepared your delicacy you can also serve it as a side with live support software. Saving agents from repeating themselves and as a tool for chatbots. All helping to quickly solve customer’s problems.



1. As with good cooking, one of the keys to a good FAQ is preparation. Before you start constructing your page, you need to gather information on what people are asking. You could take a look at support tickets, survey responses, emails, social media, live support past conversations etc. You can even use a tool to help you look for the questions that people are searching for on google.


2. Just as it’s better to use fresh organic ingredients, you should try to avoid using jargon in your FAQs. Write them so that the average customer can understand them.


3. Every good cook knows this basic rule: less is more. Neil Patel recommends favoring clarity over precision, as it can be tempting to want to go into lots of detail so you have all bases covered. But this could lead to visitors getting bored and confused. Keeping your visitors engaged and reading, may make it more likely that you can turn them into customers.


4. It’s all well and good creating the perfect spaghetti bolognaise, but if you store it in packaging that you can’t find your way around it’s a bit of waste of time. Make sure that your FAQ is easy to navigate. One idea is to categorize your questions into specific sections based on topic. HeroThemes recommend adding a search bar to your page, calling it a “power move”, allowing readers to quickly locate the page they need.


5. Your FAQ page can be another opportunity to strengthen your SEO. Include keywords that you want your site to rank for overall.


6. Sprinkle with a CTA: Include a CTA on your FAQ to help turn leads into customers. People visiting this page may be on the fence about your product and if they get the answer they are looking for, they may want to buy. Make it easy for them. It may even be the final push indecisive leads need.


Live Support and FAQs

  • FAQs can save your live support agents time and help you to keep up a high customer service speed. They are likely to be asked these questions regularly and they can simply link customers to a relevant section when they see fit. Helping to quickly resolve customer problems.
  • When agents are busy or it is out of hours, you can program a chatbot to link visitors to FAQs, so hopefully they can help themselves straight away instead of having to wait.

Smart Tip:
With Xeno you can set up predefined responses that link to your help center in just a few clicks.


Serve with Support

Hopefully this guide will help you to create a tasty FAQ page that helps you convert more customers, compliments your support strategy and improves visibility on google. FAQs can be a useful addition to your live support strategy. A quality live support software such as Xeno will help to provide an efficient service with high customer service speed. With all messages consolidated into one place and simple to setup chatbots. Add a strong FAQ page into the mix and you should be cooking with gas.

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