September 30th, 2019

A Helping Hand: 8 Xeno Features that Make Life Easy

A Helping Hand: 8 Xeno Features that Make Life Easy

Live support is fast becoming a popular choice for online businesses. Bridging the gap between old school customer service and the digital self-serve age, it offers a humanized customer experience, all from the comfort of one’s own home. Your business is as strong as the tools it uses, and a quality live support software such as Xeno can help to make utilizing live support easy.

There are plenty of features in Xeno that can help to make life easier for you:


Pre-chat Questions

Asking customers questions before you start a conversation can save you time and ensure they speak to the right person in the first instance, helping to keep a high customer service speed.


Conversational Bot

In busy periods, your staff may struggle to chat with customers as soon as they connect. Moreover, if you don’t provide a 24-hour service, there will be times when it is not possible to connect at all. Xeno’s smart assistant bot can collect important info from customers pre-chat and even try to help them solve simple problems.


Auto Messages

To help increase usability of your site and save time, you can setup pre-written messages that can be triggered by certain events and displayed in and outside of chat, such as in topbars and emails.


Track Requests

Some say there is order in chaos, but when it comes to live support, you want to be organized from the start and stay that way. Xeno lets you track live and delayed messages so you can see what is resolved and what is not.


Predefined Responses

Are your staff tired of having to type out the same answer to certain questions? You can set predefined responses so that agents can send a reply in just one click, linking to your knowledge center if you like, saving your staff valuable time.



Sometimes it can be hard to talk customers through complicated issues or a new feature. Xeno’s screensharing feature can save your staff time and help to prevent customer frustration as agents can see exactly what is happening on the customers screen and vice versa. This other hands-on support option helps to humanize your customer experience.


Chat Transcripts

It can be useful to look at past conversations for many reasons, such as improving your level of service. Xeno provides chat history so you can do your research properly.



Surveys offer a great way to find out what your customer thinks of your service. Xeno offers easy to build, unlimited post chat-surveys.


Update Your Toolbox

Xeno live support software is chock full of tools that make life simple for you, your team and your customers, from resolving issues right through to analyzing performance. It helps you to deliver high customer service speed, make your customers feel special and hopefully secure repeat business. Get started with Xeno today.

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