May 13th, 2019

Live Chat Bot Hazards – Things You Need to Avoid in Live Response Marketing

Live Chat Bot Hazards – Things You Need to Avoid in Live Response Marketing

In the digital age, mainstream artificial intelligence has gained significant momentum. Today, many programs and machines are being created that have the ability to learn and develop. Without a doubt, science has revolutionized the way we lead our everyday life. From simply playing games to managing day-to-day tasks, AI has transformed the fate of the digital community.

As far as chatbots as concerned, they are deemed as an alternative to human interaction.

It needs to be noted that chatbots are not here to replace customer service, rather add value to it. In this digital era, customers expect immediate responses to some of the most basic questions in live response marketing. Therefore, a chatbot is ideal for those who are looking for a support system rather than a call center.

A chatbot is available round the clock for consumer care offering quality and reliable services, and freeing the phone line. Even though it is beneficial for companies to implement live chatbots, they tend to overdo it sometimes.

Here is a list of live chatbot mistakes you should avoid in live response marketing:


Always Define An End-Goal

Often companies create chatbots without having an exact goal in mind. This results in failure when it comes to consumer care and resolving queries. Never begin chatbot development if you do not have an end-goal in mind. Think about what you want to achieve and accomplish, and then start working on it. This will help you save time, money, and resources.


Personalize Your Live Chatbot

The chatbot that acts as your customer representative, should know how to deal with consumers online, the way your company does. While developing it, you can personalize the chatbot as per your requirement… It goes without saying that personality is the new user experience—thus, your chatbot should follow the same ethos and values as your company. Remember, the live chatbot you develop will cater to customers’ needs on your behalf. Therefore, personalization will help to better connect with them.


Give It A Balanced Personality

As a follow-up to the previous point, your live chatbot should not be too hot or too cold. In simpler terms, it should not be too formal or casual – it must have a blend of both for a great conversation. Here is why:

  • If your chatbot is too serious or robotic, it will scare off your customers. They would prefer getting in touch with a real customer representative, rather than AI.
  • Similarly, chatbots should not be too light or peppy as well. You would not want an unhappy customer because of how your chatbot might respond to their queries.


Bottom Line

In a nutshell, live chatbot hazards are bound to happen. It takes time to perfect things, if you are doing it on your own. To save you the hassle, Xeno helps you make your customers feel special. Let our live response marketing software assist you attract, convert, and keep customers, hopefully, for life.

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