November 5th, 2018

Opt-In Forms vs. Live Support: Generating Leads

Opt-In Forms vs. Live Support: Generating Leads

Collecting customer contact details through opt-in forms, and carefully nurturing leads, is a huge advancement from the cold email spamming of years ago. Permission marketing is much more cost-efficient and effective for turning visitors into leads. Opt-in forms do have their strengths for collecting the all-important deets: they can be short and sweet, their designs can be A/B tested and they aren’t overly intrusive; but live customer support can be a much better way. Here’s how:


It Has the Human Touch

Automation is cold and emotionless. It’s only becoming more common these days and it can save time, but a lot of businesses are losing out because they are lacking that human touch.

Having your own personal assistant to take the time to introduce you to a business can be much more inviting than a pop-up form demanding personal details.


Optimizing is Easier

Yes, you can A/B test opt-in forms to see what to improve, but with post chat surveys in live support you can literally ask customers what they think of your process and how you can improve, instead of using guess work.


You Can Move People Off the Fence

Opt-in forms rely on visitors to your site having already decided that they trust your company enough to give you their details. Live customer support reps can help to educate visitors further about what you do and answer any specific questions that they may have, turning more visitors into leads.


You Can Be a Smooth Operator

Collecting data through live customer support can be achieved much more smoothly than with opt-in forms. Forms can be frustrating to fill out and visitors can give up before reaching the end. Having a live rep on hand to help people through the process could result in more leads.


Smart Tip:
Xeno collects certain pieces of information such as location, the language of the contacts browser and what page they are looking at automatically, saving you and the contact precious time. It also allows you to ask for data points and store them automatically in your contact page.


It’s Unique

Opt-in forms have reached a point of saturation. Everyone seems to be using them to get lead information and worse still, many use pop-ups that block your view before you have a chance to read the second paragraph of a home page, let alone decide if you like a product or not. Using live support software to collect data currently has a uniqueness that opt-ins do not.


Shun Automation for More Lead Generation

Stay ahead of the pack by using an alternative method to get lead information. Live support is the perfect combination of new technology and old-school customer service. You can provide live support remotely, 24/7, with reps based anywhere in the world. A quality live support software such as Xeno will make this process even easier, with features such as automatic data collection and the automatic saving of key data points collected by reps; all consolidated in one place so that you can easily organize and use this info.

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