November 14th, 2018

KISS and Convert More Leads into Customers

KISS and Convert More Leads into Customers

KISS — Keep It Short and Simple — is a design principle associated with the United States Navy and was reportedly coined by Kelly Johnson, the notable lead engineer of Lockheed Skunk Works and the designer of the first U.S. fighter plane.

Using it as a guiding principle, he told his team of designers that the aircraft they have to design should be simple enough to be fixed even by the least experienced mechanic with only a limited number of tools during combat. In other words, if a product is too complex for consumers to use, it is worthless and will not be successful.

Although it is more of a design concept, KISS is relevant to all other aspects of life including lead conversion.

The logic is simple. Our brain can process simple things easily and retain them much longer. Author and Nobel Prize-winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, explored this concept in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. He said that if there are different ways to achieve a goal, people will choose the simplest one, that will require the least physical exertion.

When you look at the world’s most successful brands, you find simplicity at their very core. And no one nails simplicity like Apple. When Steve Jobs was asked about their product design, he said: “It all comes down to this: Let’s make it simple. Really simple.”

Xeno also works on the same principle by simplifying communication for both businesses and customers. The app unifies all the communication channels you use so you don’t miss anyone or any conversation.

Why do you think three-step solutions are so popular?

When we say we have a two-step formula to boost your lead conversion strategy, we piqued your curiosity. Although it’s far from being a formula, these two suggestions can definitely help you convert more leads.

The E = mc² Formula

When Albert Einstein wrote this formula, he was following his own advice: “If you cannot explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.”

In the same way, showing your prospects how your product can help them in the simplest and easiest way possible can win them over. Your customers need to find a solution for their pain points. They don’t need or want complicated procedures.

According to Harvard Business Review, simplicity is the biggest driving force on why consumers buy a product.

Don’t burden your prospects with too much information. Instead, tell them how your product can be used to fix their issue.

Smart Tip:
When trying to convert leads into customers, focus on delivering these two essential elements: the benefits of your products in regard to the lead’s pain points and what other satisfied customers are saying about your product or service.

Watch out for your Words

There’s power in your words! Various studies and testings have shown how words can change our brains; therefore, be careful of the words you are using.

Words that generate joyful concepts, such as lovehappyeasy, and free can increase your conversion rate. On the contrary, negative words like damagefee, and broken can have the opposite effect.

According to marketing experts, five of the most powerful words that convert are you, free, instantly, because, and new.

“You” shows that it will benefit your customers.

“Free” is a psychological trigger that encourages the power of reciprocity. Think about this: when a friend invites you for lunch and tells you that she will pay for it, you feel happy and thankful. Then, you offer to pay next time.

“Instantly” promises a quick and easy solution to your prospects’ pain points.

“New” triggers excitement because it signifies change.

“Because” shows a logical explanation of why you should do something.

It’s KISSing Time

In today’s complicated and busy world, keeping things simple reaps great rewards. Showing your prospects that their pain points can be solved faster with simple steps will appeal to them. So, if you want to convert, just KISS.

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