Attract customers September 10, 2018
Get with the Times: Lead Generation with Facebook Messenger

It makes sense to go where your audience is. The often-repeated quote from the Field of Dreams is that “If you build it they will come”, but social media platforms have already been built and a large section of society are already there. So, go there! For Facebook in particular, a survey by Pew Research Centre […]

Attract customers August 29, 2018
How to Transition MQLs to SQLs: Quantity vs. Quality

A lot of business owners think that if they get more leads, they can get more customers. In a perfect world, you sell your product and service, and people buy them. But in the real world, there are rejections. Sometimes, people show interest in what you offer, but it does not necessarily mean they will […]

Attract customers August 13, 2018
Convert Your Landing Page into a Great Lead Magnet

Standing out from competitors online can be very challenging. However, there are ways to get ahead of the game. Creating a high-converting landing page can definitely bring in some quality leads. Indeed, to separate your business from others, you need to offer something valuable to your prospects via your landing page. Create interest and excitement […]

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