Inbound Sales and Account Executive

A chance to work with a diverse clientele, from start-ups to big businesses.

Full-time – (F/M) – Euratechnologies Lille, France.

Job summary

You take over the work of the Sales Development Representatives (SDR). As an Inbound Sales Executive, your role is to manage the flow of incoming leads, to qualify leads during calls and to carry out product demos. As an Account Executive, your role is also to close deals. You are responsible for monitoring new customers until Xeno is implemented into production on their side. You are in direct contact with our customers and you act as a Mediator between our customers and our technical team made up of talented developers.

Essential responsibilities

A. Managing incoming leads

  • Managing the flow of incoming leads.
  • Answering non-technical and technical lead requests (with the help of our tech team).
  • Qualifying leads during calls.
  • Carrying out product demos (95% remotely, 5% face-to-face).

B. Closing deals

  • Optimizing our email automation workflow.
  • Composing and sending proposals.
  • Following up with leads to encourage them to sign proposals.
  • Turning leads into active customers.
  • Ensuring we receive payments.

C. Ensuring customer satisfaction

  • Ensuring that Xeno has been deployed into production.
  • Monitoring customer’s metrics.
  • Overseeing customer support.
  • Keeping customer satisfaction super high over time.

D. Mediating our customers and our technical team

  • Filtering and analyzing customer needs.
  • Summarizing the filtered and analyzed customer needs to the technical team.
  • Prioritizing our technical road-map according to customer needs.

Other responsibilities

Bringing new organic customers

  • Keeping our leads and customers up-to-date on new features, new improvements through email campaigns, for instance.
  • Advertising Xeno over different internet platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.).
  • Posting regular updates on Xeno social networks.

Job specifications

  • Full-time position (with a short 3-month trial period).
  • A fixed monthly salary.
  • Variable remuneration proportional to your results, in addition to your fixed salary.
  • Comprehensive health insurance (Alan).
  • Comprehensive payslips (Payfit).
  • Ideally, 3 months after the end of your trial period, you get “bons de souscription de parts de créateur d’entreprise” (BSPCE), given through vesting. The goal being that you really become part of the adventure.


  • A state-of-the-art Macbook for the workplace and its protective cover.
  • A smartphone for the workplace and its phone subscription.

Team and Clientele

  • A bilingual (English, French), young, open, responsive, future-oriented, and environment-sensitive team.
  • A chance to work with a diverse worldwide clientele, from start-ups to big businesses.


  • An enjoyable workplace in the heart of one of France’s tech hubs (Euratechnologies, Lille).
  • The possibility to work while staying active: the office has its own treadmill.
  • Unlimited fridge, microwave and coffee / tea usage.
  • Indoor access to a cafeteria, a restaurant and an overall great work environment.
  • Possibility to access the office building on foot, by bike, scooter, bus, metro, or car.

Xeno’s mission

At Xeno, age, school, religion, and origins don’t matter. We are passionate and we work to carry out a very simple mission: making sure our customers are developing the best possible customer relationships, remotely, to avoid expensive trips, improve their carbon footprint and protect themselves from health disasters. Xeno is a pioneer in remote customer relationship optimization.

Essential requirements

  • English native proficiency (knowing French is a plus).
  • Excellent English spoken and written skills.
  • Experience in Inbound Sales and/or Account Executive and/or Customer Service, and/or in the field of calling / writing, and/or Web apps.

Other requirements

  • Sensitive to IT and digital environments.
  • Marketing experience is a plus.
  • Comfortable with CRMs, Email Marketing tools and Social Media.
  • Comfortable with basic graphic design tools: and
  • Ability to use Google Cloud and all related apps (Sheets, Docs, etc.).
  • Video editing skills.

Our competitive environment FYI

  • Xeno, Intercom, Zendesk, Drift, iAdvize, Crisp, GetGist.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the team

Xeno is the perfect place to work if you’re a digital-sensitive person looking to work in a dynamic, and innovative team of young developers and overall great folks. Xeno is a young but fast-growing company, that’s paving the way for improved customer communication. Xeno is known for the great care we take of clients and employees alike.


  • Send your resume to this address: [email protected]
  • Cover letters are not required.
  • We answer to all applications. Generally within 48 hours.
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