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Xeno Conversation Flows is the latest addition to our extensive line-up of conversational features conceived to automate and centralize all your customer communication needs. Here is an overview of the Conversation Flow builder:

Screenshots Conversation Flow
Offer your contacts one or
more choices via buttons.
Make the chatbot search your knowledge base.
Split a flow in two different flows based on a condition.
Ask all your qualification
questions one after the other.
Invite team members
to join the conversation.
Build a chatbot in minutes
with our user-friendly interface!
Collect data.
Stop the flow and mark
the conversation as closed.
Design automated conversations to grow your business.
Test a flow now orSign up to make a flow
What is Xeno Conversation Flows for?
Reduce your costs
By using Xeno Conversation Flows to resolve most of your customer requests, you can save up to 80% on support costs.
Increase your ROI
Increase your revenue by optimizing your sales cycle through efficient communication with your leads and customers.
Increase your CSAT
Increase the satisfaction of your contacts by offering them an exceptional conversational experience and by responding immediately to their questions.
Boost team productivity
Letting your chatbot handle questions by automatically sending knowledge base results significantly reduces inbound messages to your team which can then refocus on your core business.
Shorten response time
Two-thirds of customers expect to have their needs resolved in less than 10 minutes. With Xeno Conversation flows, your contacts will receive their first response within 3 seconds on average.
Make your brand accessible
Xeno Conversation Flows is multilingual and mobile-friendly, allowing your contacts to reach you wherever they are in the world - whatever the language, whatever the channel.
Video teaser (40 sec.)
Design automated conversations to grow your business.
Take a sneak peek into the Xeno Conversation flow builder.
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