Convert customers December 3, 2018
Qualify Your Leads for Maximum Conversion

Simply put, lead qualifying is finding out which of your leads could be potential prospects. Prospects are people that will buy from you. Once you have qualified a lead, you can then invest more time in pushing them to take action, moving them from interest to purchase. There are a number of things that give […]

Convert customers November 14, 2018
KISS and Convert More Leads into Customers

KISS — Keep It Short and Simple — is a design principle associated with the United States Navy and was reportedly coined by Kelly Johnson, the notable lead engineer of Lockheed Skunk Works and the designer of the first U.S. fighter plane. Using it as a guiding principle, he told his team of designers that […]

Convert customers October 24, 2018
Combat Cart Abandonment with Live Support

Abandoned shopping carts are a big problem for online businesses. The average abandon rate was 78% in 2017. They are an expensive problem too as getting leads to that point in the sales funnel is not cheap. There are a number of reasons customers abandon their cart, but luckily live support software can step in […]

Convert customers October 10, 2018
Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Marketing

The digital world is dynamic, and it is moving fast, very fast! That is why a lot of companies are turning to automated marketing solutions. However, a successful marketing campaign—one that captures leads and turns them into customers—does not just depend on automation alone. Being able to schedule all the aspects of your marketing campaign […]

Convert customers September 25, 2018
Strengthen Your Leaky Sales Funnel with Live Support

Selling online is a different beast to selling face to face in a high street shop. There are a few ways to do it but the most popular way to take people from lead to customer is best represented by a funnel model: This process consists of 4 stages: Awareness: Potential leads become aware of […]

Convert customers September 12, 2018
Using Social Proof to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Social proof is a cognitive bias where people follow the actions of the majority because they believe that is the norm. A lot of marketers and salespeople have been using this psychological trick to increase conversion rates and, eventually, sales. It’s not surprising since we, as human beings, are social animals and in order to […]

Convert customers August 31, 2018
How to Harness Buying Mode with Live Customer Support

If you have a live chat support box on your website, you are probably going to be speaking to one of two people:  people that are already your customers, or potential customers. Those that are potentials will generally be in “buying mode”—they will have a particular problem that they are looking to solve, which has […]

Convert customers August 15, 2018
Every Minute Matters: How Timely Communication Can Boost Conversion

Conversion is the yardstick when measuring the success of a business. It is also the indicator if each aspect of your business is working or not—from product development to customer service. If the conversion exceeds the goals you’ve set, then you can say you’re on the right track. However, if your conversion is declining, you […]

Convert customers August 10, 2018
Automation Isn’t Always the Answer: How the Human Touch Can Increase Conversion

It may seem like automation saves your company time and therefore money. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to automate our communication, whether it’s through support forms, phone calls or via a chatbot, etc. But when it comes to converting leads, there is a much more effective method. Live customer support or live chat is a great way […]

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