June 26th, 2019

Adopt, Don’t Shop; The Easy Way of Keeping Customers

Adopt, Don't Shop; The Easy Way of Keeping Customers

Hey there! We might know each other if you are not a first time visitor to our blog!

If you are a first time reader, let me introduce myself. I’m Ljubica. Xeno writer by night, animal rescuer by day. My daytime activities have taught me a valuable business lesson I need to share with you. It’s called:


Time Invested = Emotional Attachment

Chasing injured kitties and dogs, fostering and finding them good homes is sometimes easy. Other times, not so much. I found that the more time and effort it takes to nourish the kitten back to health, the harder it is to say goodbye. Sure you can buy a nicely breeded puppy, but you can’t replicate the bond between the animal and the person that helped rescue and saved its life.

Consequently, sure you can buy nicely marketed packets of lead information, by the pound if you so choose. And then reach out with your nicely crafted lead magnet emails. And then get flagged for spam mail. Enjoy your life, do what you want. It’s not 100% ineffective. It’s just ineffective enough that it’s not worth your time if you are serious about growing your business.

There is also the other way. The “adopt your lead” way of doing business. Find your leads in the places they would naturally gravitate towards, based on the types of issues they have. Then offer up your products and solutions, and actually take care of those people in the best way you can. That’s the way you get yourself a loyal, happy customer. The one you formed a bond with, that’s a keeper.


Emotional Attachment = Loyalty

Many processes can be automatized today. But for f..oster kitties sake, don’t automatize human interactions. Go the extra mile with your customer communication. Offering up your services to leads like some kind of vending machine will save you the cost of customer care and management personnel, but it will cost you customer loyalty. Not many things can irritate as successfully as trying to navigate a bot to help you with your problem. If you want to save, use Xeno’s free plan to help you organise your team in a more productive fashion. Optimize the way you run your business so that you can focus on taking care of the specific customer issues.


Care Is What Makes You Special

That is the strongest asset of a small business, the ability to focus on one consumer at a time. That should be the thing that separates you from your larger competitors, and your lead base is probably with the pool of people who appreciate the time you spend on them making them feel valued and not just like an XY number in the sequence.

There are so many theories about getting leads, keeping customers, scheming the buyers psychology, but it all boils down to one thing: treat others the way you would like to be treated by a business. Also.. Adopt, don’t shop when it comes to pets too!

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